Making A Difference

The Military Support Network is a virtual platform that equips, informs, and empowers Military Veterans, Spouses, and Dependents. It is an opportunity for our service members and their families to stay connected, share experiences, and build camaraderie. We invite you to join one of our Support Networks. Register TODAY!



Military Veterans Network

The Military Veterans Network is an online resource support service for veterans.

Military Spouses Network

The Military Spouses Network is an online resource support service for military spouses.

Military Dependents Network

The Military Dependents Network is an online resource support service for military dependent youth, ages 12-17.

Interested in joining? Please click the specific link ABOVE, to register and participate in the support services. 



Virtual Vets’ Volunteers are one of our greatest assets. They provide the essential support required to be one organization serving multiple locations and communities, virtually. They invest their time, gifts, and talents to serve Veterans globally.